Notes from Ironman Village

T-18 hours. Wow. But my bike is racked, my gear bags are checked, and not much to do now but catch a movie, take a nap, have dinner with a good portion of my favorite people, and try to get some sleep.

In the meantime, though, I'd like to propose a couple of rules given my observations in Ironman Village today:

  • No spandex unless you have bike shoes on, are just about to put them on, or have very recently taken them off. Spandex is not acceptable attire on State Street, at the Farmer's Market, or at brunch. And checking in your bike and bags is not so strenuous a process that it requires full-body spandex. Promise -- I just did it in a t-shirt and jeans; no chafing to speak of.
  • Why, why, why the head-to-toe Ironman regalia? If it's because you're just so gosh-darned excited to be here doing Ironman, well then, I guess you get a pass. You can't fault a person for exuberance. But if you're doing it just so everyone else knows you're doing Ironman? Ugh. Don't.

I'm sure I'll think of others...feel free to add your own. But for now, that's all I've got. Naptime now.

Posted by Erin 11:16 AM


  1. Steve S. said...
    I TOTALLY agree on both points! What gives?!?

    My nap rocked, how was yours?
    xt4 said...
    That was hilarious.
    bigmike600 said...
    Saw you twice on the bike. We were cheering for you. We did not see you on the run. Hope it went well.
    xt4 said...
    I think nobody told you that you're supposed to, like, drop everything you're doing in your exhausted stupor and write something brief and a shade elusive about how you are an Ironman but you'll tell us all about it later. Isn't that in the rulebook somewhere or something???


    You were a complete rockstar. Well done, girl.
    Steve S. said...
    Angela said...
    Erin, you looked great all day yesterday. Congrats on being and IronWoman! :)
    Siren said...
    LOL! What WAS up with all the folks in full M-dot spandex gear just randomly walking around on Friday and Saturday? It wasn't just that they looked so darn silly, it was also that there were SO many of them!
    J-Wim said...
    Oh my - very funny.
    Sounds like the start of a series of Ironman-specific "Man Laws"....
    Congratulations Iron Erin!

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