I Think Hell Just Froze Over...

I remember reading a quote from Jennifer Aniston once where she said that she can't wait to get up in the morning, every morning. This was something I could never come close to relating to, much less understand. Yet, at 5:30 this morning, I was wide awake, waiting until I could get out of bed. What?! Yes. Waiting. For no particular reason. Just felt like getting up and getting at the day.

So. Weird. I don't know that I've ever -- ever -- felt like that before in my life. Mornings for me = dread. They hurt. A whole lot.

But today didn't. At all. And so, I headed to the pool. A 300, then 8x100, and then 2x300 all knocked off before 7:15 this morning. Not fast, but steady. Respectable. And this after a 1-hour personal training session last night that kicked my ass and left me wondering how I was going to make it through the 4-mile run I had afterwards (I did, although it wasn't pretty).

Whether it's a wrinkle in the time-space continuum or some other weirdness in the universe, I kind of hope it keeps happening. If this is what it feels like to be a morning person, I could definitely get on board.

Posted by Erin 7:05 AM


  1. Deebs said...
    I think you were just revved up after all the Boston hype yesterday. You wanted to get your workout on, totally normal I think - for a seasoned athlete like yourself. You just aren't giving yourself enough credit as such. :)
    MadisonDuo said...
    I am the complete opposite, I LOVE my mornings! It is when I am most creative, alert, and ready to take on any workout or work project. Now if you ask me to be creative anytime after 6pm, there is absolutely no way (ok I could pull it out from somewhere, but I wouldn't like it).

    Let us know how tomorrow morning is for you. I'll tell ya how tonight at 8pm is for me. :)

    Hope all is well with you...Jen
    Kelly said...
    way to go!! I love morning workouts, I feel a bit smug when I get to work thinking, "i've already done more today than most!"

    what are you traing for these days?
    Megan said...
    Uh yeah. So this would make you my new hero. 'Cause if I ever actually opened my eyes before 7am, its usually just to make sure I was still breathing, then to conk out for another hour (at least). It most certainly not to get up and head to the (gasp!) pool.

    Good gosh.

    But nicely done.
    220TriLog said...
    Way to go! Keep it up!
    asiandating said...
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