Shout Outs

First, to "Bad-ass McCue" for capping an unbelievably long journey to IM-AZ with a sub-15-hour finish in a race that had the third-highest DNF rate in IM history. But also, for writing this amazing summary of what it means and how it feels to complete an Ironman. ( -- sorry, hyperlinks apparently out of order at the moment).

Second, huge congrats to my running partner, Krista (, who posted a 1:48 in her first half marathon of the season last the sleet and rain and snow, all in one race. That's toughness. :: Bowing down in reverence ::

And all the luck in the world to an old friend from high school, Scott (, and Amy Hausworth, running The Boston tomorrow. In the words of a zealous person on the sidelines of last year's Green Bay Cellcom Marathon, "Run like you stole something!"

Sending good thoughts your way all morning tomorrow...

Posted by Erin 11:55 AM


  1. Megan said...
    well thank you very much for the shout-out. that was quite nice of you!!!
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